Mary: Real Madrid into the ball does not celebrate Macy difficult to use language to describe

In an interview with the UEFA official website interview, Argentine star Mary said back to his former club Real Madrid at home to play for him would be a very wonderful feeling, and if score at the Bernabeu stadium, then he will not celebrate, to show respect for the Real Madrid club and the fans.

Mary said he and Real Madrid draw against Paris Saint-Germain in a group long been a feeling, "I know when to go to Paris, I told my wife that I would definitely against Real Madrid. I do not know how the fans will greet I am, but we stand together to win the tenth Champions League and many other trophies. "

Mary also describe the feelings at Real Madrid to play the last game when he was Real Madrid against Atletico in the Spanish Super Cup, "After that I want to join Manchester United, the fans gave me tremendous cheers. In Madrid I obtained all the club is still in my heart. "

October 21, Paris Saint-Germain will be against Real Madrid in the Champions League third round, November 3, Mary will visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium together and Paris Saint-Germain.

Mary also talked about his team-mate Lionel Messi, saying that "it is difficult to describe with words Macy," "The only thing I can say is, not to mention all the trophies he won, he is a very good man, a good friend. He can get all of this is because in order to enjoy the mentality of playing, he free to play, to prove it. Under his off the field is the same, a quiet boy, a very good person in the real world. He won many honors indeed deserved. "

Mary can play for Paris Saint-Germain in satisfaction: "After joining, I can witness the level of the players and the club's ambition to win the Champions League this desire can be seen in every training session and every game, everyone. filled with the same expectations, to struggle for the Champions League. I believe that with these players, we can achieve the goal. "

Mary also praised Ibrahimovic: "I never found him so good, though tall, was able to make so many mindless honest, joining the first day I was surprised, I hope that we can understand. more understanding, because of his high level. "

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