Wenger: Manchester United have long concerned about the demon king could have signed him

Arsenal fans circulating among the gunmen version of the primer, which one is the "temperature difference sign", now these three words once again the perfect interpretation. Recently, Wenger said in an interview revealed that Manchester United new aid Marchal was a child, he has been concerned about this potential star, but he and Marshall could eventually missed.

Marchal is now one of the Premier League's hottest players, this summer to 36 million pounds, he (up to 80 million euros) worth after joining Manchester United, has been the focus of media attention. Results 19 year-old Marshall, in the last two games in the Premier League, scoring three goals up, Manchester United fans immediately convinced. Today Marchal With the top of the play, has given way to more and more people have recognized his strength and potential.

See Marshall's heroics, the Premier League is certainly one of them being happy, this man was Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Professor in a recent interview revealed that he had a chance to sign Marchal. He said: "Marshall was a child, I will be concerned about him, he is more like a winger, has a special talent.." No doubt, Wenger had a chance to sign Marshall, but he but he missed. But Wenger does not seem that he was wrong, he said:. "We have Chamberlain, we have Sanchez and Joel - Campbell, they can play this position (Marshall can play the position)."

It is worth mentioning that Marshall is not the only missing players Wenger. After the British media had summed up Wenger missed superstar lineup, the result has been surprisingly found that this lineup is definitely the most luxurious football today. Do not believe you missed the Gunners 11 people strong array (4-4-2): Cech; Carlos, Pique, Kompany, Richards; Yaya - Toure, Alonso, C Ronaldo, Messi ; Ibrahimovic, Drogba. Suddenly, people feel "temperature difference sign" veritable ah.

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