Chelsea poaching Barcelona dug addiction intentionally exposed Mussina Barcelona winger King

According to the British "Daily Mail", the Italian "market" and the Spanish "World Sports Daily" reported that Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho now Alves very interested, he wanted to introduce in the winter transfer market Barcelona right back to replace Ivanovic, the latter state's decline makes Mourinho very worried.

"World Sports Daily" that, in fact, this summer, Chelsea expressed interest in Alves, but later the Brazilian contract with Barcelona until 2017. Mourinho would like to use in place of 32-year-old Alves, 31-year-old Ivanovic, the market value of the Brazilians in around 10 million euros.

Interestingly, Mourinho had criticized former Alves in the league, which is ironic, "Einstein." For Mourinho, Alves is not without ridicule, said: "He is a very good coach, in people's eyes, he was just like a great invention, like football."

Mike Mussina for Alves "too high" evaluation dismissive, he responded Brazilian said:. "We should all the smart people (Alves) study, he also put it than Einstein, and football is not by the Portuguese invention, but the Portuguese found their country (1500, Portuguese navigator Pedro Cabral discovered Brazil). The fact is the case, I did not invent football. "

But the passage of time, past grudges long written off, according to British media say, Mourinho now make every effort to introduce Alves, while Alex Vidal after January next year officially joined Barcelona, ​​Alves also You will feel the pressure of competition. Earlier, Cesc Fabregas and Pedro have left Barcelona, ​​chose to join the Stamford Bridge.

For Mourinho's interest in Alves, Catalan fans think is not a bad thing. A man named Andre fans said the sale Alves Barcelona advantageous because Brazilian states are in fact in the past three seasons in general, the end of the last season, because I wanted to win a contract extension before the outbreak of the so while. Barcelona now have Robert Vidal will play in the second half of the season, Barcelona right back position in fact been a very good coverage.

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