Shocked the whole of Europe! Manchester City signs a copy data day hanging fried Inter metamorphosis

Inter's dream start continues, after the 1-0 win over Verona. Mancini's team has made remarkable five-game winning streak, the last time the Azzurri start 5-game winning streak dates back to the 1966/1967 season. Undoubtedly Inter Milan began to create new history, their performance in the new season in Europe so shocked!

"Gazzetta dello Sport," said: "Inter Milan after five matches, to show the championship phase, they are every game to win a ball, enough to get 15 points, while Roma and Juventus have met their trouble, And they also need to play the Champions League. "Inter Milan's five straight copy Manchester City in the Premiership start, it should be said Nerazzurri wonderful start even more surprising, after all this international Milan still still running them, from lineup stability can not be compared with Manchester City, but Mancini did.

So the secret of this victory Inter Milan, where is it? "Sky Sports" gives the answer: it is defensive. I have to say, defending Inter Milan in the new season really is reborn. After five league only lost one ball, conceded per game average was only 0.2, while Inter Milan last season 38 match, lost 48 goals, an average rate conceded per game to reach of 1.26, mean that in the new season, Mancini's team can lose the ball an average of a number less than last season, lost a ball, so the team's record is bound to have rapid changes.

First of all, I must mention Inter Milan in the transfer market has done a lot of work. Inter's defense in the current main among three people to join the new season. Including the main defender Murillo and Miranda, the two Inter defender greatly enhanced defensive capabilities, Murillo is the main Colombian national team in the league last season and has already proven himself, his promising, but Miranda the first few seasons has been the main force of Atletico Madrid, he joined the team won the Spanish championship and the Champions League runner-up, has a very rich experience, the strength should not be overlooked. They definitely better than this combination of halfback combination last season, and Juan Llano Zia strong out a lot.

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