Real Madrid general avatar shocked the world this summer as the value of the transaction is his most

We can imagine a sense of satisfaction, Navas completed the evening with excellent work to sleep. Although Real Madrid lost a ball, but Navas really performed well, he always successfully defended the goal. In the San Mames stadium, when the team needs, Navas stand up to defend the team, but also further consolidated its main location at Real Madrid.

Match the first 41 minutes, 巴伦齐亚加 biography, Aduriz's header was saved by Navas beautiful. Soon the second half, Bilbao hit back immediately, Aduriz shot at 25 yards was saved under Navas. Overall Navas outstanding performance, but unfortunately he failed to obtain a high level of performance is fully compensated, a history escape from his hands. Match the first 68 minutes, Athletic Bilbao Sabine score, let Navas best start in La Liga Goalkeeping distance record're just five minutes place to lie down. 517 minutes after the race does not lose the ball (which La Liga clean sheet score 427 minutes), Navas has been very close to the record.

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Catalonia "World Sports Daily" noted that in Shengmameisi stadium, Valverde disciples attack Real Madrid goal, "the Basque lion" had 12 shots, five shot is, but Navas Real Madrid goal to maintain security.

"Aspen" also regretted that after the game, stopped at the Miguel Navas - Angel's record before the door, Costa Ricans do not start from the latter's La Liga clean sheet record is only five minutes, though not chase This record level, but Navas beyond Casillas season start in all competitions without a clean sheet record (475 minutes).

"Aspen" praise after the game, said:. "Navas in front of left flapping right block, to block the other goal, his defense against high ball is also very good, but for the ball, he can not do anything from the club of his La Liga clean sheet record start to the season just five minutes. The game last moment, he was fighting with two perfect rescue team. "

Navas almost only be able to enter the history of Real Madrid. La Liga Real Madrid goalkeeper now start the longest clean sheet record still belongs to Miguel - Angel, which start four games in 1975-76 did not lose the ball game, the first five games of the first 71 minutes, he The goal was only the other party with a penalty to break. That season, Real Madrid won the Spanish title, Miguel - Angel is the Spanish goalkeeper the ball least 31 games, lost only 23 balls.

Before Sabine score, Navas from the last ball picking net or in the penultimate round of the season, Real Madrid 4 to 1 victory over the Spaniards in the game, Stuttgart Jani in the game the first 72 minutes Real Madrid to break the door. It is worth mentioning that Navas Athletic Bilbao also staged the first show of the opponent in the league in 2012, May 13, the Levante a 3-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao. Navas was the last one in the old San Mames stadium gatekeepers visiting goalkeeper.

Navas said the move to Manchester United after a failure, he had cried, Navas reason to cry, because joy left behind Real Madrid: "I never wanted to leave Real Madrid, I was unable to control emotions, it was the worst of my life . One day Madrid is my home, I did not ask Madrid for my salary, "but Navas also praised Casillas added:." He is a symbol of Real Madrid, he has a great career at Real Madrid I really respect him. I do not know whether or not he leave the best for everyone, I can only say that my goal is not to deny Casey's contribution, but to write my name in the history of Real Madrid. "Now look at to, move to Real Madrid failed Navas best value for a deal of it.

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