Poor Poor Poor! Barcelona MSN brutally criticized: Disaster! Messi was eaten!

Over the same period last season, Enrique's team has not lost a ball, but Barca lost six goals in the league, we lost 16 goals in all competitions, including four goals in the European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup 5 goals, 1 Champions League Ball, La Liga six goals. It is worth mentioning that this 16 clean sheets, only one is lost Bravo (3 games), while the other 15 root balls are lost in Trst (six games). In addition, it has It is the third time this season Barcelona lost 4 ball (for Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao and Celta).

After the game, "the daily sports newspaper" collective to Barcelona players played four minutes of low, only Neymar get 5 points, but still failing grades. Defensive line, Patel Manchester root was named "colander", bad luck German, four clean sheets looked the team most responsible is not in him, but in each other's first ball, he can do more, after he had hit the ball. In making the decision, Trst root hesitant.

"World Sports Daily," said Patel Manchester root altogether is "transparent" and, although the team lost the ball the whole reason, but the fact is that Patel Manchester root for the other striker was unable to form any deterrent, the other dare him before doing a wide range of action, only German goalkeeper saved a ball, Celta players wasted opportunity because there is no shot is, instead of being saved Patel Manchester root.

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