Ancelotti return to Serie A? ! Rome exposure has been linked plot coaching Ancelotti

After five Serie A last season runner-up in Rome performance he is poor, although Juventus won, but five score of 8 or so difficult club and the fans satisfied, there is news that Rome already considering candidates for the coach.

"Italian football" means that Rome has begun to contact unemployed Italian marshal Ancelotti, if Roma coach Garcia in the next three games, can not let the team has improved significantly, then the coaching change is not impossible.

Indeed Rome this season, also has a good performance, 2-1 win over Juventus in the Champions League 1-1 draw with Barcelona played very well, but the 2-2 draw with Sassuolo and lost 1-2 Sangpuduoli sub-let the team exposed a lot of problems. Gambling companies out of the odds Garcia before Christmas to the outgoing reached 2.50.

"Italian football" also quoted local media reported that Rome has begun to contact Ancelotti Rome, and asked whether he intends. The next three games will decide the fate of Garcia, namely weekend against newly promoted Carpi, Champions League game against Borisov and the subsequent game against Palermo.

Ancelotti is currently in idle state, after leaving Real Madrid, he did not find a new job, after he refused to return to AC Milan, on the grounds that want to take a year off, but Carlo Ancelotti once the Roman effectiveness, but also never He denies his desire to coach Roma.

In fact apart from Rome, after the British media as well as news that Liverpool intentionally fired Rogers, and their goal is the new coach Carlo Ancelotti.

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