Marchal broker shelling Wenger: people will not buy excuses

Manchester United since joining the new aid Marchal amazingly, for Manchester United played four games he has scored four goals. The 19-year-old genius bright future, a lot of people think that Manchester United this 3600 pounds of investment will be considerable value. Quite interesting that, after Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has long publicly expressed concern over Marshall, but missed the chance to sign him. Marshall's agent this nose, he believes Wenger just as they did not buy Marchal excuses.

Wenger earlier when talking about Marshall said: "Marshall was a kid, I would pay attention to him he is more like a winger, has a special talent, but we've got Chamberlain, us. There Sanchez and Campbell, they can play this position. "Obviously, Wenger sees no sign Marchal mainly because of the team's personnel reserve winger had enough.

Marchal Marchal burst red burst of red

Philip Marshall's agent for this - Lanbo Li responded by saying: "In the football world, some people will only focus on the players, and some people will really buy players of Marshall is a true center, Wenger said. Marchal very hour attention from him, so I think Marshall is analyzing Wenger winger was very surprised. Marshall never played winger, his youth in Lyon for a season when the team will be able to enter 25 -30 ball, and if he went to the sidewalk just to get rid of the defenders to attack the middle of it. "

Lanbo Li continued:. "Of course, if Wenger made the remarks just to prove he does not need to sign Marchal, then I can accept Wenger said Marchal winger saying but I still say, if, in the football world inside, there are other concerns players and the players really want to buy the club. "

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