Mourinho: the world wants to ban Costa

Chelsea will usher in competition with Porto in the Champions League tomorrow, Mourinho will face his old club, but it is worth mentioning that Mourinho and Casillas this enemy will be in the game meeting. In the pre-match press conference, Mourinho Chelsea's line-up as well as for war and other issues and Casey have expressed their views.

Mussina beat the recent poor performance of the first Chelsea players, he stressed that Chelsea now there is no absolute main, everyone needs to fight for the position, Mourinho said: "In the football world, no one is unshakeable main, Only stable performance to win the starting position for you. Football is to see immediate performance, we can not stay in the past. "

"Right now my squad no one is untouchable, and we do have great players, they won the league title last season for us, but football can not rest on past laurels, you must have a steady play, has enough power, or else I'd rather come in some young players, at this moment I do not have unshakeable main. want to be a real winner, you do not have to win every day, but in every game, in every day, you have to We have a strong willpower. "

For Chelsea, the good news is that Diego - Costa can play this game, when asked if the need for such a player on the court 11 Costa, Mike Mussina did not forget the innuendo and said: "If so, we will losing every game because people want to ban Costa's too much, we will be fined not exhaust the starting lineup. I'm glad they decided to suspended before Costa again, he able to play. "

For people concerned about the problem of reunion Casey Mike Mussina, Mourinho himself to be avoided, he said: "If you want to ask me something about Casillas, I will greet him before the game and after the game, other The do not ask. "

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