Champions League - tragic reversal! Manchester United 1-2 to break the negative Eindhoven Pres

2015-16 UEFA Champions League Group B first round, Manchester United away 1 to 2 loss to PSV Eindhoven. Pres for Manchester United first break, Moreno and Na Erxin help PSV win reversal. Manchester United left-back Luke - Shaw Moreno tackles in the first half was leg to leave.

Focus game

Manchester United suffered a black door: Manchester United after a lapse of one season to return to the Champions League race track, but in the first round group stage they were in the leading case reversed defeat.

- Luke Shaw tragic broken leg: The first 15 minutes of the game, Luke - Shaw Moreno broke into the restricted area uprooting, severely deformed right leg fracture. After an emergency fixed for about 10 minutes, and Luke - Shaw was launched outside the ambulance. After the match Manchester United official confirmation - Luke Shaw leg fracture, he will certainly not expected to play the remaining games in 2015. (HD: Manchester United winger Juan Mata could not bear to look helpless broken leg lying on the ground)

Pres anti-Ge former team broke: Pres campaign anti-Ge former team, he used a wonderful goal for Manchester United break the deadlock. This is the first three goals of the season Pres, all from the Champions League. (Copy Henry miracle! Pres 1 pick 2 Goals hiss suffer Champions League 3 Halo 3 goals)

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