Benitez town exposed live several heavyweights Real Madrid dressing room discontent his tactics

"Marca" famous reporter Jose - Felix reported that Real Madrid dressing room heavyweights can not agree with the theories and methods of Benitez, Madrid coaches and players are now lopsided, but Ramos suffered Benitez accused, it is the most annoying.

Felix's statement in accordance with the relationship between the coach and players of Real Madrid began to alienate, still not broken, but the players were unable to Benitez empathy. Player is the first "punishment" coach, even though up to now the situation has not yet reached the limit. Right now, the Real Madrid dressing room bigwigs can not be recognized by Benitez's theory, methods and understanding of football in Sports City.

The players know that the coach can not fully comply with his mind, according to the players want to do, however distant the relationship, but it is often a prelude to division and can not find a solution to the problem. In recent days, Real Madrid players and coaches made a number of different views, such as Benitez blamed mistakes Ramos, Ramos fought back, Real Madrid dressing room for some of the decisions now coaches feel uncomfortable, coach of the players in the field Some are not satisfied with the performance.

First, Benzema, after the game against Malmo Frenchman was replaced demonstrated dissatisfaction. In the Vicente Calderon Stadium, Benzema's number again appears on the sidelines of the substitutions brand, the more upset the French striker, he even Benitez after the game after leading performance shrink defensive tactics questioned.

Benitez said he understood Benzema angry, he also exposed Benzema equal to their grievances. In subsequent media interviews, he criticized Ramos in the match against Atletico Madrid's performance, that the latter gave Atletico a penalty mistakes really should not. Ramos accused coach he is very unhappy, 12 hours after he had responded, showing not only his mistakes, but the team are making mistakes. As a captain, Ramos Benitez praised the work, but also pointed out that just is not right to criticize him, but the other players feel the same way.

On the pitch, you can see Benitez pointed to the C Luo free kick when little guide how to Ramos moves or makes a save. These are the powers of the coach, but the players believe Benitez star as a rookie, not to mention this division of labor coach. C Lo now Benitez is not particularly large opinion, but he is feeling and Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti can not be compared with more feeling. It also shows that, in the relationship between processing locker room, Benitez is better to Ancelotti.

In fact the earliest with the players Benitez is unpleasant he took over the team shortly. Benitez requires J Zloty rejoin the previous week, it was in July, Real Madrid being the Asian Tour tournament, but after J Lo to participate in the America's Cup is still on vacation. Benitez's call to make so that J Lo unhappy.

Real Madrid have to eliminate differences, forget differences of time. The season has just begun, results of the competition, more specifically victory, usually to help the team to eliminate any factors of disharmony. Now look at the Real Madrid player and coach of action.

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