Nasri shelling: the French team never wear handsome: KUN God Dingzu Messi C Ronaldo

Aguero face Newcastle last weekend, scored five goals, which makes the entire football askance. Recently, he praised Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini will love, he bluntly Aguero now second only to Messi C Lo. Meanwhile, Manchester City, another player Jonas actually hung up, he himself says he never for the French team.

Pellegrini praised Aguero, he said: "In the game against Newcastle, we've seen what level Aguero I have already said, Aguero is second only to Messi and C Ronaldo. players. But Aguero is not a good man, Manchester City team have to continue to improve, we have to win the Premiership title again and win the Champions League, because they Messi and C Lo always involved in the league and the Champions League competition. For a name players, these honors are very important. "

Aguero brilliance, his teammates Nasri recently was not happy, watching his teammates and all of a report to the national team, Nasri again attacked the French team. The former France international said: "Even though my father was a French coach, I would not go for the French team for the 2012, I just wanted to quit the French team, but my father told me, you. I was kicking the World Cup. "

Nasri went on to say: "Since then, I have more training efforts, and before the 2014 World Cup performance has been good, my status is also very good but actually not enough, when I saw the French team World Cup squad. When, on top of some players, but that is not me, I did not mean to respect those players. I was not perfect, I have my fault, but if you're a great coach, you should think about ways to manage Well I. "14-year World Cup squad defeated the French team, which has never been able to let Nasri national team relieved.

No team tournament to kick, Nasri in the national team very leisurely day, he would go to prepare for the heart and soul of the club tournament. Nasri said: "The time will be longer this season, will be more difficult to kick up, I need to constantly adjust their status, to meet the next game I like to play at Manchester City, I will not return. French, I'll want to go to the US Major League play, there will be something different. "

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