Mijares: AC Milan executives have great confidence in me and some people like to make the news

Local time yesterday evening, AC Milan during a warm-up match 3-0 victory over the Monza team. Post-match press conference, coach Mihajlovic answering a reporter's question.

Turning first warm-up match with Monza, Mihajlovic said: "This game is not really a good warm-up match play, the opponent will go all out in front of us, more than the win is vital that no player injured. Some of our players to the national team, there are some players sidelined with injuries, in this case I am very satisfied with the performance of the team. "

After losing 4-0 at home to Naples Mihajlovic criticized, for the next game, he said:. "In the days after the national team we will regroup and prepare for the Turin team in the league."

French defender Philippe Mexes has been this season, he did not get the opportunity to play in this friendly match he played 45 minutes. This Milkha said: "Mexes is a great personality of the players, today's match, he played 45 minutes, you should see his status has been restored in the next we will assess his physical condition, to see him. whether it can achieve the requirements to play the game. "

"I talked to Mr. Galliani, it was a constructive conversation, we need to discover the team's current problem by training every day. When you win when you're a winner, when you fail Perhaps it will leave, when the coach must get used to this, it is part of my job, this is football. "

Japanese star Keisuke Honda an interview shortly before the club's management expressed dissatisfaction, Mihajlovic said: "For him, then I do not know much, he is now in the national team campaign, so come back and I will talk to him to talk about. I think some reporters over interpretation of the players, they want to make the news. "

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