Klopp announced Klinefelter style: Do not always say run like crazy to learn Barcelona

Klopp as Liverpool [coach, he coached the team will be what style? From the conference "slag t 'own description, the people may be able to glimpse evident.

"We have to follow only one way, that is my way," Klopp said, "This is not a proposal, but is the 'law'."

Clinton talked about the team's style, Klopp emphasized that the united struggle, he said: "The players have to listen to me, this is very important .11 players come together to do something wrong, than everyone would like their do what is strong. Because you can determine that 11 people together dry, success may be greater than fighting each other, but this will be we strive to do. "

"I will not shout 'We will conquer the world' kind words, but we have to conquer the ball. How do? In every time! We have to go to the ball field to chase the ball. We will be more running, more battle, we will more cooperation, better together. "

"We will have a better defense than the other team organization, we have to find their own style of play, if you get the ball, you must be creative, but also must be ready, once lost the ball, and oppression Fanqiang It is very important. "

Turning the players age, Klopp said: "I do not care about age, I am not interested if you're old, but the ability is very good, it would be OK, if you're young, capacity is also very good, that's OK for me. The only need is those who want to contribute to the team's players. "

"We can not rhetoric, talking about the so-called football philosophy, talk about the ball, talk about like Barcelona [microblogging] the same play, or like what everyone else to play. No, we have to understand is that you can be different from other teams because each team has its own characteristics, but now we need to find a way to Liverpool. "

Speaking player transfers, Klopp said: "I have been involved in the transfer, of course, but if someone says to me, this person asking for 100 million pounds too much, then I would not think of him, nor for This troubled. You have to go somewhere else, to see who can get the players, rather than always dreamed to be a player, then complain 'that they did not want to come to Liverpool'. "

"If you do not want a player to Liverpool, then do not come. If you are worried about the weather, then do not come, if you want the other things, then do not come. If you really want to come, then I welcome you, this is the first one is the most important. "

"I am an ordinary one, but I want, is a special team."

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