Real Madrid Qijiang shelling Western media: always attack me to me as an ugly duckling

In Monaco, we again see the best Coentrao, he very threat of the court, and even scored, in an interview with the Spanish "Marca" interview, Cohen Bertrand said: "This is my career The new stage, I hope that here he can be happy. wearing football jerseys Monaco, which for me is a huge pleasure. "

In Monaco, Cohen Bertrand wearing jersey No. 4, and Ramos shirt at Real Madrid, like that in Monaco, Cohen Bertrand is also the team leader do? "It's not a leader no leaders, only the team leader is the coach, the players do what we can to help the team get the results." Coentrao revealed that a number of former Real Madrid player Ricardo Carvalho and other Portuguese players for his help very Great, "is not just Carvalho, as well as Moutinho, Bernardo - Silva, who is Portuguese team-mate, I have used a total team with them really helped a lot.."

Coentrao miss Real Madrid admit: "It can not be denied, there is no doubt that four years has given me a lot of imprint from our experience to help the team win a championship, it is true, it makes me very proud of Real Madrid. big impact on me. I am of course still concerned about the Real Madrid game, because Real Madrid means a lot to me, and I still have a contract the club. As long as we have not met in the game, I wish Real Madrid has to win. "

Future have the opportunity to return to Real Madrid it? Cohen Bertrand said that "only God knows", but when it comes to his performance in the national team better than Real Madrid, Cohen Bertrand explained:. "Perhaps a little, but do not forget that the season is very long and I played a lot of club ball, but I believe you can also play better. Have to say that in some stage of the season, I bad luck in terms of injuries, I always competitive rhythm is broken. I played an important and decisive game, but you can also make a greater contribution. "

Cohen Bertrand also complained about the unfairness of the media: "To be honest it does, I do not even feel them on my sympathy least I played a game not so good, that the media will immediately attack if I play well,. that's not too much recognition. I'm still asking today why they would like this, why would become the ugly duckling eyes of the media. But it's OK, I'm used to. "

I will miss C Luo neighbors? . "Of course these four years, he told me it was a special person, we have a deep friendship, but my final option is to leave." For C Lo scored intermittent problem, Cohen Bertrand expressed: "C Lo wonderful performance He is without a doubt the world's best players. For him, nothing is impossible, he will continue to break the record, one of the record, he was unique. He became the best striker of Real Madrid, I congratulate him, and all the Portuguese, we are happy for him, proud of him, his best, greatest club made history in the world. "

Benzema is now closer to the area, more like a shooter, which Cohen Bertrand to see how? "No matter where C Lo play, he will maintain their high level of efficiency and, as such, he is the best."

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