It was actually the most expensive advertising Serie shirts! AC Milan Inter Milan Juventus spike

Which team of the Serie A chest advertising the "most valuable"? Faced with this problem, your first thought is probably Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, so the Yankees, then you are wrong, the new Serie A season jersey chest advertising turned out to be the most valuable Sassuolo.
Serie A this season, the Serie A chest advertising revenue chart chest advertising revenue rankings this season

According to the data "Football and Finance" published in Serie A this season, the total amount of revenue the chest announcement was 91.2 million euros, this figure is much less than the 286.5 million euros Premiership, Rome, Lazio, Palermo and Florence no chest advertising sponsors Serie data is low for a reason.

In addition, Genoa and Sampdoria no primary home jersey chest advertising sponsors, but rely on the away shirt sponsorship to get a little income. Premiership giants Manchester United 60 million euros Serie A chest advertising revenue to make difficult compared to Zhu Qiang, more surprising is that aspect of the Serie A season, the highest selling price chest advertising is Sassuolo, rather than the traditional top three in Serie A, Sassuolo chest advertising revenue gained from Mapei Group is 22 million euros, it is worth mentioning that the sassuolo owner George - Vasquez is also Mapei boss, Juventus and AC Milan's chest former advertising revenues of 17 million euros, while only 13 million euros Inter Milan, Naples figure is 9.7 million euros.

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