Germany sent a Levante Loew: We are like a boxer can not KO

In the morning of the final round in the European preliminaries, world champion Germany 2-1 win over Georgia, the identity of the first group to get the European Cup tickets. Although well win, but coach Joachim Loew still believe in the two qualifying teams did not play to their level, at the same time point out an obvious problem with the team exist.

"Overall, we win the group and qualify for the happy," Loew said after the game, "but I'm not satisfied with the performance of these two games, this is not our standard." For this competition, Germany coach Comments: "We missed three or four times in the opening chance, then made some mistakes in the second half we encountered great trouble is not stringent enough to give the opponent a few good offensive opportunities." Illinois Seoul several saves in the game to help the German team win, Loew praised: "Neuer made two or three world-class saves, let us not fall behind this situation.

Dott star Royce wasted in the game a few times a good opportunity, which Loew said:. "Marco is an outstanding player, in general he does not miss such an opportunity, he strong, but Two or three times in this game did not seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity in terms of the whole team has done well "in Lufkin opinion, the German team the ability to grasp the opportunity in front of the need to improve:." We are like a boxing hand, constantly hitting punches, but not always fist KO opponents. "Loew said the team still need to work to improve the state, out of the World Cup for the performance of last year, but left the team's preparation period is quite sufficient.

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