Italy qualified for the giant let it be: at least into the semi-finals of the European Cup!

Tomorrow morning, the Italian will usher in the final round of the European Cup qualifying match against Norway, has been able to qualify for the Azzurri in a relaxed state of mind to deal with a little, but when talking about next year's French European Cup, the Italian Football Federation Main 席塔维奇奥 also confident, it represents the minimum should enter the semi-finals in Italy.

"We have to enter the semi-finals of the lowest," Tavi Qiao said in an interview at the press conference, he also talked about the German upset 0-1 loss to the Netherlands, Ireland has the current difficult situation, "we saw happen in Germany and the Netherlands who do, do not know everything is so desirable, and we were able to advance a cut, really proved our worth. We have built the Conti players, coaches build an extraordinary team, and It is in a bad state after the World Cup on the basis of complete recovery. "

European Cup group stage after nine, Italy 6 wins, 3 draws undefeated ranked team, although his unit ahead of qualifying, but the voices of doubt still surrounds Conti continued, but Conti himself showing willingness to leave the national team now his contract will expire in after the European Cup, this Tavi Qiao said, "the relationship between me and Katy is very good, see at least twice a week, just like we go to church every week the same. Conti led the team forward so that feel very happy, at all levels alike. Conti is the best coach, the national team for the future, he is the best. "

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