Brazil blaze on the 10th Royal Star Neimaermu not lose his handsome reliable help

After losing to the Chilean team in the first game, the Brazilian team has not be lost. Second World Cup, they are finally defeated in Fortaleza Venezuela. In this victory, William Samba team is undoubtedly the greatest hero.

William in less than one minute after the opening to achieve a break. At the time, Gustavo front right tackles, the ball run to the foot of William, William into the restricted area right foot hit a powerful shot in mind, even though Venezuela goalkeeper Baroja fingertips touched the ball, but still failed to stop the ball network, 1-0. The first 42 minutes, the Brazilian team played an amazing match, Felipe - after Lewis left the restricted area near the line of extraordinary cross, before the point of Oscar deliberately missed the ball, William Road Tuishe score became 2-0.

In addition to these two goals, William played an important role in Brazil's attack. The first 13 minutes, midfielder William accurate pass, Felipe left the ground ball, but Oliveira close range in front of the Tui was Baroja saved. The first 87 minutes, William right sideline near the heel clever ball, Lucas - after right towards the area within Lima rid pass, but Kaka's 2 consecutive efforts were blocked.

Recently, William's status can be fiery words to describe. From September 16, Chelsea at home to Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League began, William scored four goals in four games, and are a direct free kick to break. Thereafter, he returned to the South American continent, the World Cup qualifiers, despite the team's first match against Chile, Brazil lost 0-2, but William is one of the few Brazilian team performance good player in one. Back home, William then to two goals for the country to achieve the first victory in this year's World Cup.

From that game on September 16 the date, month, William behalf of Chelsea and the Brazilian national team participated in six games, scoring six goals. Weekdays quietly, and even some low-key William, finally ushered in the outbreak. Needless to say, this is the William personal history best period. Stable and efficient, this is the most recent of the best words to describe William. The score six goals in six games, for to do if the striker is also not able to do casually, as midfielder, this result is even more rare situation. This has been achieved, so that people once thought Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. September 2005 - October, Lampard had scored seven goals in six games; in January 2007, he scored six goals in five games; March 2010 - In May, he is He scored 11 goals in nine games. William's achievements can be made to pay tribute to the legendary Chelsea.

Chelsea legend - Pat Nevin pointed out: "Fabregas and midfielder Matic co-chair, his place in the 10th unlikely, but Chelsea have William I want to say, this is the best Brazilians. position. "But in the Brazilian national team is it not so? Neymar is without a doubt the number one striker, but Neymar again strong, can not attack the hands and playmaker, who is also the two roles, and William appearance, just could fill the vacancy.

Speaking of Chelsea, this season, the Blues into a trough. In the Premier League, Chelsea eight games ago, he made only two wins, but suffered four defeats. Such a result is clearly not good enough for the defending champion's prowess. In the Champions League, the Blues lost strength is not outstanding in Porto. For coach Jose Mourinho, although the club issued a behind the sound, but the Portuguese that he will not feel the pressure. Chelsea midfielder, mainly rely on Fabregas organization, now, Mourinho might try to put this position to William, after all, with two major breakthroughs Azar and Pedro hand, and Diego Ge - Costa this fulcrum, William and small law can serve as co-organized attack role, so that a small law will reduce a lot of pressure on him. Mike Mussina why not consider it?

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