Argentina qualify for World Cup dangerous! No Messi's team drop a grade

No captain Messi, Argentina suffered two victorious living preliminaries, but just after the Copa America final, Argentina fans and the media has also shelling Messi, sane legend Menotti said that if there is no Messi, Argentina have no access to even the World Cup team, it seems the old plum prediction or accurate.

Previously, the most pessimistic fans would not think, alive preliminaries, Argentina's Lionel Messi's absence would cause such a big impact. Argentina captain is still sidelined with injuries in Barcelona when Albiceleste first lost at home to Ecuador, then again in battle a draw away to Paraguay. Game against Ecuador, the score 2-0 are lucky, because results may be worse.

Paraguay after the game, "Ole," that is very tough to face Paraguay, Argentina struggling loves, but in the end only get 1 point, for Argentina, it helped much. Argentina looks to get back in the game against Ecuador does not have the strength, but the team is still a lack of coordination, and cooperation is the Martineau team features. 0-0 is a reflection of the real situation of the field, Argentina's performance is very normal, the team left a lot of questions. Martino had said before the game, Carlos Tevez can not replace Messi, Carlos Tevez not to mention the game is to hit the opponent but also because of his nose and leave early. Argentina and Carlos Tevez as injured.

In other guard behind Carlos Tevez found some space, but failed to play a decisive role. Pastore was unable to bear the heavy responsibility on the 10th, and his participation, short pass and the series is not doing enough. No Messi, Argentina no Plan B, often offensive to rely defender to open Bigfoot, only Mary alone run.

Historical data show that the South American Division, losing the first game at home to a team, never qualify for the World Cup finals. Argentina was supposed to perk up in the second round, win in Paraguay, but they failed to do so. This is the second time in history, Argentina failed to win the previous two World Cup qualifying matches, the last time there was such a hit in 1970, and that they failed to attend the World Cup.

"Ole," pointed out, it is now under a qualifying game (against Brazil), there are nearly a month, Argentina toward the 2016 World Cup in Russia road becomes more difficult than expected. Two games, Argentina lost two balls, not into a ball, Argentina must recover a lot of things. The biggest problem is how to replace Martino facing the world's best player, keeping the team's momentum.
Argentina's Lionel Messi, Argentina's Lionel Messi

Argentina's defense is also a problem, but the real worry is the midfield, Messi play a decisive role here is the place. We all know that fluency Macy's absence will affect the football team, but the team is still beyond the imagination of a short circuit.

Over the past few years, Macy's performance in the Argentina national team as his outstanding performance Zeng Albiceleste fans a lot of anger in Barcelona, ​​but only now can see the importance of Macy's. Without Messi, the Argentine midfielder has become very static, in the national team, Messi saw the midfield problems, for which he step back in order to play its role in tissue formation in 433. La Liga last season, Messi 60 percent of the ball is in midfield. But in the World Cup in Brazil, this figure dropped to 54 percent, and in the Copa America, the figure is 55%.

It is worth mentioning that, in Barcelona, ​​Messi averaged over the number of 8.8 times, but in the America's Cup, he averaged over the number reached 12.5 times, and why? This proves that Argentina's dependence on Macy's, Macy's reliance on more than Barcelona serious. In 433, the three midfield players are very critical, in Argentina football world opinion, 433 let midfielder stretched, the player can not cover the midfield, the team is like a short quilt cover, cover head to reveal feet, now there is no Messi, Argentina's head and feet are covered no longer.

Argentina striker talent, even if there is no Messi and Aguero, there are also Mary, Carlos Tevez, Ravitch so famous, but behind them is who? Mascherano almost name defender, Bigeliya no passing ability, which is why Macy in the role of midfield is very critical, he was commander of the midfield, both organizations, but the ball impact . No Messi, this role be borne by Pastore, but Paris Saint-Germain players seem lost and confused.

Without Messi, Argentina's midfield break, the team lost his balance. Argentina miss Messi, but just missed his goal. Messi's goal in the penalty area and his magic is popular, any team you want, but the poor performance of Argentine midfielder now, only the most to prove a key role in the national team where Messi.

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