Friends Secret: Guardiola to be the most in four years, a team from Barcelona was injured

 Bayern coach Guardiola may go to Manchester City at the end of the season coach rumors have hit the newspapers, and in melon handsome friend and former colleague Bosch opinion, Spain coach perfectionist tendencies, he will not continue to be a team too long.

In an interview, Bosch said: "Pep always been to build his team, to demand more of his players and he will slowly start dissatisfied, and has been in the pursuit of perfection and winning so. much honor when players work together, it is difficult to continue to maintain momentum. You need to constantly update the concept, otherwise you will lose the hunger. I think that in 3-4 years, these hunger most of them will reach the limit, then coach and players will stop the development of relations. "Barcelona coach Guardiola summer of 2008, leaving in the summer of 2012, just four years time.

Nevertheless, Bosch did not give any future melon handsome on speculation: "This is a must decide to do his own when he left Barcelona has been no small injury, if he found facing the same time at Bayern. He also would do (away team). I personally think that he coached a team in 3-4 years is the upper limit. "In the Bosch opinion, Guardiola biggest feature is that he has been to improve their and seek new challenges. He also believes that melon handsome and German football is mutually reinforcing relationship: "I think he has made an important contribution to the German team's championship, some of his basic concept implemented in the German football in turn, and those tight defense or early. on the attacking team competition, also with the help of Guardiola improve. "

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