When Bell first time apologized for the C Ronaldo ready dismissal broker

C Ronaldo and Bell relations concerning substandard rumors seems to come to an end, "Aspen Daily" quoted Radio Marca said, Bell has apologized to his agent C Luo's remarks, and intend to work with their brokers to lift partnership.

"Aspen": Bell to C Ronaldo apology "Aspen": Bell apologized to C Lo

Radio Marca reported that the local time on the 15th, Bell has returned to Real Madrid's training ground, the first thing he does is to greet and C Ronaldo and brokers on their own prior statements to apologize to C Ronaldo. Last week, Bell's agent Barnett told "The Guardian" interview, said: "Bell does not want to become the world's best selling model or underwear." Remarks no doubt directed at C Ronaldo, but also to C Ronaldo Bell outside the relationship again suspicious.

Earlier, Real Madrid coach Benitez personally telephoned Bell, asking his relationship with C Ronaldo, Ronaldo and ask him to explain his agent CC remarks. Bell apparently listened to the views of Benitez, he expressed regret to C Ronaldo at the training ground, and congratulated the 4th C Ronaldo received the European Golden Boot, the two also congratulate each other's national team qualify for the European Cup finals . According to reports, C Ronaldo is not born Bell gas, because he knew Bell should not be held responsible for his agent said.

Reported that Bell has hired a lawyer to prepare Barnett fired his agent, which, "Aspen Daily" interviewed to Barnett. Barnett scoffed, he said:. "The news is rubbish"

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