Capricious! Cantona Teng magazine cover naked buttocks United King

Been a long time does not appear in the horizon of Cantona once again become the focus of attention of the British media. According to the "Daily Mirror" reported recently Cantona naked as "Elle" magazine photographed a group of pictures, the former Manchester United King has demonstrated his disposition side.

"Mirror," said Cantona and his wife, French actress Alhambra Keni cooperation for the magazine shoot a group of pictures, Cantona himself is naked into battle. In the magazine cover picture, Alhambra Keni a red coat, smiling, while Eric Cantona is standing behind naked Alhambra Keni of, Alhambra Keni hand still stroking Cantona hips, which Pictures have been quite a reverie.

Cantona Cantona hip hip show show

The text in the magazine image scale is bigger, Cantona with his back to the lens and the Alhambra 克妮 Shenqingxiangyong, the entire back of the Manchester United kings are naked show in the lens, Alhambra Keni  right arm around the shoulders of Eric Cantona , left hand still on the buttocks Cantona, hard grip down ......

In fact this is not the first time Cantona exit naked, and in 2013, he starred in a film called "Midnight Carnival" of French film, in which he portrays a "stallion" role, the film also Hom Tong Carolina falling body whipped screen actress. Although many called this is a porn movie, but I insisted Cantona said he looks very aesthetic.

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