Inter Milan 1 Juventus nemesis put words: six goals in five games I fear the defending champion

Before the Italian national derby Juventus, Inter captain Jordi has a renewed sense of Ica, in his Serie A resume once ripped Juve goal six times, in the interview he also jokes that Juventus might be afraid of him .

In his face Juventus scored six goals, there are three periods in Sampdoria scored, while the other three is the Italian national derby gains. "I've scored in the face Juventus six goals in five games, I do not know, maybe Turin team is afraid of me, but whenever their games are very special. Break Juve The door has an indescribable pleasure, when I was a kid when I want to continue to score, and never changed, why now I want to stop it? "

As a captain, he led the Nerazzurri Ica Jordi hope to reproduce the past glory: "We will win, and when you lose a game, the next week of training will be very bad mood may also be very difficult future, but I am. It has renewed the contract with Inter Milan to 2019, because I want this club back to its original location, Inter won everything I wanted to honor. "

Inter captain acknowledged Juve's poor performance so that he was shocked, but not entirely unexpected, because it can be in the summer he lost a lot of core players: "No one can expect that they will start to start in such a way, but I'm looking forward to the end of the season they will be in what position, because they can certainly catch up. After all, no Pirlo, Vidal and Carlos Tevez, they lost their backbone. "

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