Bayern captain: see game winning streak end, but the most important down to earth

In Saturday's Bundesliga, Bayern Munich beat Werder Bremen 1-0, league start made 9 9 wins war of terror plot score 27 points, which also created a new record in the Bundesliga. Captain Lahm expressed satisfaction with the state of the team, and look forward to the team's winning streak can continue. At the same time that the German star of the season is still very long, the team must always remain cautious.

In an interview, Ram said: "We now see the end of this winning streak always strive for our goal third, if it broke a record, that is certainly better for us from. The first race of the season began to come up with the best state and a field continued to win, it's not easy. "Bayern captain think every game is very important for the team to win and hope the team will be able to maintain the present momentum live.

Although the record is excellent, but the Ram's mind is still very cool: "I wanted to win the championship, we still have a long way to go now we just played nine games of the Bundesliga, the lead only seven minutes, so what. have not yet decided if we can keep feet on the ground state and sufficient energy, of course, is quite great. The great thing about this (streak) of course we want to continue to go on. "

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