Chelsea traced to dig 50 million to inspect the front Pa Mussina 1 striker

The introduction of the summer because of poor performance Falcao, Chelsea ready in January next year to buy a striker. According to the British "Sun" reported that Chelsea now have signings target - Valencia Feng Pa Paco - Al Kassel. In addition, Mourinho also eyeing Sevilla striker Kenuo Pu-liang card.

Diego - Costa serious state of decline this season, the other still can not kick Falcao passing performance, which makes the Chelsea striker strength severely damaged. In this case, in January next year to introduce a striker for Chelsea, it is very necessary. "The Sun" that Mourinho eyeing Valencia striker Alberto Kassel, the Spanish striker, in the European preliminaries scored five goals, is Spain's top scorer in the tournament.

You know, Al Cassell now only 22 years old, together with his excellent strength, which makes him worth naturally not cheap. "The Sun" said Al Cassell and Valencia contract, there is a buyout clause, but the amount of up to 56 million pounds. The media analysis, Chelsea want to sign the Spanish rising star, you have to throw at least 50 million pounds Hao transfer fee, so the price, and Chelsea, Torres had introduced exactly when.

Outside Al Cassell, Mourinho also eyeing another La Liga striker -  good card. "Daily Mail" revealed last week the European preliminaries Spain against Ukraine, Mourinho appeared in the stands, when media that Mourinho's expedition goal is Ukraine high Taya Guillermo even families. But it is clear that the first episode of the game in Ukraine on the 10th Kenuo Pu-liang card, Mourinho also investigated another player.

Ke Nuopu good card now 26 years old, played for Sevilla in La Liga. In Ukraine the country, Kenuo Pu Liang cards were the first large, many people will he called "East Oumei Xi", which indicates the strength of his people's approval. The new season he played seven times for the Seville, scoring three goals. The media pointed out Kenuo Pu Liang card and Seville liquidated damages clause in the contract, the amount of approximately € 40 million or so (about 30 million pounds).

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