Mourinho: I am a lonely man

In an interview with the Irish Times interview, Mourinho open their hearts, he admitted that in the football world, he was alone.

About Pressure

"This is my coaching career started when pressure is different. At that time, the ability to have a question for you, when I started coaching career at Benfica, even in Porto, before I take the championship, there will always be questioned, these questions are Because some aspects of people do not understand the total. This is a kind of pressure. "

Young face Young face
"Right now, my pressure is ourselves, and I know the world, I understand football world, people are waiting to see a joke, because it has sold."

"But, to be honest, I do not feel that kind of pressure before, because now I have a resume, resume cattle, I really can not accept, because of several bad results, people will question my ability."

Football, live football, live
On the "culture vulture"

"In football, there is a culture, I'm not sure how to express in English, but I think that word is 'vulture'."

"Vulture culture, when they feel that what will happen when they began circling waiting for, and this is something I will not do."

"In 2007, when I was six or seven months did not work, I have to act according to ethics, I will not bother football circles of people, would not comment on football, not to those who have trouble coach of course. I am very quiet I was waiting for. And now, everywhere vulture culture. "

"Now I understand this culture, in England [microblogging], especially those balls critics, some of them can be really brave, criticizing people like me resume, you definitely need to be brave, because you may face my answer: Shut up, you win nothing in this life. "

"But I will not do that, I will work, I hope the next good results. You know, the stability of the coach, the general has not, for everyone, coaching jobs are unstable , in addition to individual special coach. "

About Klopp

"Someone lost his job, I regret that this is sad. I am not against Klopp, he and I have a good relationship, nothing will change that. I'm talking about it is to let Rogers lose their jobs in this environment, I do not like people coming for a new coach so excited, I do not like people to say: 'Now we want to prove their new coach, have to pay more efforts to' do go early Rogers why do not I do not?! like that, in my world, this is my very favorite part of my world is changing too fast, and is getting worse. "

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About sluggish performance

"The truth is, I never in a period of three months lost so many games, which for me is very strange, but a good experience. I do not like those people who resign because of poor record, I do not like that, you have to be strong, brave, believe in yourself until someone stop you. "

"Boss, the board of directors, they are powerful people. Coach, I think they have completely confident in their ability to deal with bad results, and to strive for better. This is my state of mind right now."

Inter Milan Inter brilliant brilliant
About history

"I think my coaching career is not common, why think so, because I won so many honors, and is continuous, it is not common."

"In 15 years, only one year, I did not win an important trophy in 15 years, I won 22 significant trophies, this too much, too much."

"Of course, I may have a bad season. And some people, 20 years, and only a wonderful season, some people have not had even one. I'm sure there will be fluctuations in the year, but I do not need to prove himself. "

I'm a lonely man I was a lonely man

About Loneliness

"I can feel a lot of love, beyond my imagination, I can feel the players love, the love of many ordinary people on the street, a lot of people love me. I love this feeling, I love my job, this is my always wanted to work, I whom he threw himself into. "

"But I do not belong, does not belong to Desmond Morris said many years ago that 'football clan', 'football clan' in the modern sense, which I am not home. I live in a different world, in the modern football world, I was a lonely man. I do not care how people look at me, you know I do not care, I'm just my own, in the football world, my friend is not much. "

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