Quack misdiagnosed! AC Milan's top scorer last season do not hurt 2015

According to Italian media, the latest news, AC Milan, last season's top scorer Menezes squad because of injury may also need a truce two months, that is to say the French have to wait until 2016 to come back.

Menezes AC Milan last season scored 16 goals in the league, is the team's top scorer, after the end of last season, the French in Monte Carlo accepted the disc herniation surgery, which would have been a minor, it is expected to rest three weeks you can resume training, but it is not the case, for a long time thereafter Menezes failed to fully recover. He also travel with the team before the season came to China for training, but did not played in two warm-up match. In mid-August, AC Milan and Perugia in the Italian Cup, Menez played 21 minutes off the bench.

That after the Italian Cup, Menez again feel back discomfort, August 20, he received a second surgery, expected to take a month of rest, but Menezes second operation soon proved to be unsuccessful. Adriano Galliani, AC Milan Mihajlovic and team doctor after meeting decided to find him a specialist doctor, this time the experts seem to find a real root cause, but misdiagnosed due between 2015 Menezes possible Unable to play the game within the year.

According to "Gazzetta dello Sport," saying, AC Milan and new experts decided to mene to take another treatment, although this method than surgery recovery period is shorter, but the Frenchman still need at least two months to resume training. From now, two months later that the Christmas holidays, and Menezes will certainly return to the court until 2016 a.

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