Mourinho panic he really dying it?

Dynamo Kiev play away, Chelsea has experienced somewhat dull after 90 minutes, ultimately goalless draw with rivals, the team's slump is evident. But better than the team's mediocre status is more worrying, is the head coach Jose Mourinho on the sidelines of the restless.

The game, the first 20 minutes Chelsea prevailed, but the team did not the advantage into a winning situation, but rather after this, being the home team firmly grasp the initiative. The whole game down, Chelsea comprehensive data fall under the wind. The number of shots (12 in 10) are the only leading data opponent, but the shot hit the target on the number of times (four pairs of 6) but as opponents. On the number of passes, Dynamo Kiev also 479 times to 361 times ahead, passing accuracy rate is also 81% to 76%.

The top five most of the field is the number of passes each of Kiev players before the field pass each other five times mostly Kiev players
Before the game, Chelsea in 17 games in the Champions League without scoring only one field. The Blues last group match two consecutive games can not win, it is the 2011 thing. After the end of September road loss to Porto, the Blues suffered another such situation. But four years ago, Chelsea has basically got after consecutive winless qualifying places, but the key period is now in more than half of the race. Chelsea now only ranked third in the group, you can not win once back at home against Dynamo Kyiv, the outlet will probably be a problem. That season, the coach Boas middle class, now, Mourinho will not repeat it? After all, the only time in the season Mourinho middle class, is in Chelsea. September 2007, in the Champions League home draw against lowly Rosenborg result, has become the last straw that breaks the camel.

In fact, for some time, Mourinho suffered doubt troubled school. Despite the problems in the school, Chelsea released an official statement to refute, but which one class coach, did not get through the club's official behind it? According to the "Mirror" reported that Chelsea is already doing to prepare, once Mourinho was dismissed, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, it is the most promising successor.

Mike Mussina Mike Mussina this field fidgeted fidgeted in this field
Under pressure, even powerful people such as Mike Mussina will inevitably respond. Today's game is in progress, camera lens from time to time give to Mourinho's body. If you use one word to describe it, the Portuguese can say is restless. On the sidelines, sometimes squat Conducting Competition Mourinho, but when standing up. Match the first 59 minutes, when Adjara's shot was blocked the bottom line Laibaerka Mourinho forced waving his arm, regret, regret, anger, Mourinho's mood perhaps only themselves know.

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