Miserable! AC Milan Cup not holding adults also hurt the 20 million new aid and fall

Bales Coney Cup AC Milan unlucky defender in addition to gifts to let Inter Milan losing 0-1 goals outside midfielder 20,000,000 new aid Bertone Rudge and hurt.

The game just started ten minutes, because of a knee injury Bertone Rudge was stretchered off for treatment. After the press conference, Mihajlovic also introduced Bertone Rudge's injury, "he was playing when he felt the pain, we look at how long he can to restore it."

Bertone Rudge lucky that the injury is not serious, AC Milan after a detailed examination of the knee injury ruled out Bertone Rudge. AC Milan official said, "In the 24th Berlusconi Cup, Bertone Rudge suffered a violent collision, and injury to the left knee, a detailed examination to exclude a knee injury. Bertone Rudge for the next few days the situation will be assessed again. "

Last month Bertone Rudge injured in the Italian national team, then missed the Milan derby.

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