Primera Liga referees control gate fried for a longer hot! Officials suspect was actually Barca fans

This season, the Spanish National Derby a month after the beginning of the first leg of the contest, but Running has begun. According to Spanish radio reported Kobe, a lawyer who has represented the Spanish assistant referee to Barcelona, ​​prosecutors and the National Guard submitted a complaint, claiming the referee under pressure from the Commission, was asked to do in the game on November 21 in the unfavorable Barcelona penalty. In this regard, the Spanish parties questioned.

Kobe Spanish radio said the assistant referee anonymity requirement is received and that he often works with the referee's call, he said the latter received higher requirements, "the most appropriate approach is to match some of the most difficult decisions Do not be made by the referee because of his larger image media influence, it will create controversy, so difficult decisions must be made by the assistant referee. "In addition, the members of the jury also gave the assistant referee a telephone call, a reminder To get promoted, you must follow the recommendations.

Spanish professional league main Xitewasi said: "The assistant referee this complaint sounds some incredible way, whether or process, do not make any sense, because whether it is Real Madrid or Barcelona that round of La Liga's other game, do not determine the game. referee. "

特瓦斯 also refuted the so-called Spanish champions this season, Real Madrid is ready to say:. "There is no league trophy is to prepare in advance for which teams, both professional league, the Football Association or somewhere, did not prepare."

Kobe station broke the news that the assistant referee of this complaint not only revealed another assistant referee Jose - Luis - Gonzalez has also been pressured and will spearhead Morales Referees Committee member. Catalan media said that Morales had served briefly in the 1980s, the Spanish referee, but Phalange Party (Spain warlord Franco served as leader) is one.

At the cusp of Morales and do not want too much response, he told the "Aspen", "I do not know this news come from, this seems like a Kafkaesque fantasy, I received a Football Association The message, not enough time to carefully look at. "

At the cusp of Morales at the cusp of Morales

Spanish Football Federation Referee Committee did not make a public statement on this, but the referee 席阿尔米尼奥 Committee accepted the "Aspen" interview, he said:. "We do not express any opinion on the matter but Qingzheziqing, the truth eventually It will be solved. Now that does not make sense. "

Jimenez before the Spanish judge said that this is completely impossible, "mentioned Morales let things more incomprehensible, he was the referee I was that age, he has experienced, intelligent and wise, but also Barcelona fans. He has said publicly that there once he suffered the attack, he said he was Barcelona fans. He is neutral, but Barcelona have a good impression. This kind of thing for the referee's neutrality and credibility helpless, no Evidence came out this kind of thing, very strange.

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