Aeration Azar will leave Chelsea for Real Madrid has been telling his family team

For Chelsea, now the situation is not optimistic, away to Dinamo Kiev in the Champions League after 0-0 draw, France media the team revealed, Adjara and Chelsea's relationship had broken down, he sought a move away from Chelsea, destination was Madrid.

According to the team's report, and Azar say Chelsea's lack of ambition, and that relationship with Mourinho has affected his play. Reports that Adjara was tired of life in the Premier League and London and transfer ideas they want to tell their family, friends and some team-mates.

The Equipe Adjara has decided to leave the team daily, said Azar was determined to leave

Over the weekend, in the match against Aston Villa at Chelsea, Adjara was on the bench, Mourinho told players not to be selfish and complaining after the game, and the Defense complained of Adjara. Midweek Champions League game back in Adjara, but hard to feel satisfied.

As a Premier League double last season's best player, Adjara this season stuck in the bottleneck, so far this season, he include the Community Shield, the Premier League and Champions League all played in 13 games, but scored only 1.

However, according to the team's report, Adjara will join Real Madrid, depends on Ronaldo's future, quit the team if Ronaldo next summer, then joined Real Madrid will greatly increase the likelihood of Adjara.

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