Passage, what happened? Referee: to talk about Mourinho: X you X

Chelsea loss to West Ham battle, Mourinho fined the stands at halftime. In the channel, Mike Mussina did what cause penalty? British media revealed that he called the referee.

Enforcement first half sparked Chelsea referee dissatisfaction, first Fabregas's goal was blown offside ("Daily Mail" said that it was a miscarriage of justice), followed by Matic has been red before halftime under penalty (referee Moss did not intend this to show him a second yellow, but the West Ham players in the siege of protest, and the linesman after consultation produced a second yellow). Chelsea small law booked for protesting the referee, the Blues coach Hill Vino - Lauro also fined the stands.

Halftime, Mourinho seemingly calm into the channel, but a volcano has erupted in brewing. "Daily Mail" the news source said the referee at halftime rare Moss approached Mike Mussina, invite him to referee lounge, chat intend to ease the atmosphere, but this move, but to provoke Mike Mussina of the fire. Mourinho saw Moss come to their own, gas is not one to play, did not, and he went to the referee lounge, while in the channel directly scolded, reprimanded meal for Moss, speech mingled with swearing (launching into a foul-mouthed tirade at Moss). In this regard, Moss Mike Mussina in the channel will be sent off the field, the second half became a madman spectators in the stands. In the stands, West Ham owner Sullivan and high moral Mike Mussina once wanted to find a seat, but the Portuguese refused, had been standing there watching the game.

For Mourinho outbreak, West Ham coach, Moody handsome good relations Bilic expressed sympathy. "On the sidelines, it's hard to control their emotions," Bilic said, "especially when something after another several months in the event. No matter which team you coached, or how high wages, we are people, I can understand Mourinho. "

According to British media revealed that referee Mike Mussina Moss has been written into the referee report the outbreak, the FA is possible to further chase madman penalty.

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