Real Madrid goalkeeper Declaration super domineering God: I saved every shot

Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas Benitez has proven that he is an integral part of a team.

This season, Costa Rica Real Madrid goalkeeper saved once again, this time in Vigo, Navas with excellent saves to help Real Madrid win the final victory. After the match
Navas personal official website wrote: "We are in a very difficult stadium to win the victory, these tests facilitate our confidence that we can achieve our goal, to win the championship team we closely together, filled. power, enjoy these victories, because the winner is the result of our efforts, but there is still a long way to go, we have to stick to it. "

Navas continued: "I feel confident that saved my face every time I shot I thank God for giving me this confidence I am very happy, very satisfied, first, because the victory, followed by I played my important. I lost that goal, the angle is too tricky, and I can not go to stop it. "

La Liga this season, nine games, lost only three goals, Navas said:. "I feel confident is very important, which originated in my efforts in training sessions, as well as my teammates gave me support."

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