Guardiola open inviting Chelsea exposure conditions: buy Messi

1 to 2 and then held West Ham United, Chelsea in the Premier League standings and now has its first 15 fell from just above the relegation zone only 5 points. And even more Zaoxin that coach Jose Mourinho once again caught in a storm among insulting a referee, the Portuguese madman now be described as precarious, and even can be said to have stood on the edge of the cliff, the next round at home against Liverpool again if lost, would be difficult to imagine if owner Roman Abramovich Mourinho responded with patience.

While still firmly stood Mourinho's side, but in this case, the owner Roman Abramovich had made full preparations of. News from the "Daily Telegraph" said the Russian people are fully invite Guardiola, I hope the Spanish marshal in charge at the end of the season from Chelsea pointer.

The newspaper said that Abu had been issued in 2013 on the invitation to Guardiola, but the Catalan coffee because we worry about the crazy speculation before the Abu coaching experience, ultimately rejected Chelsea dished out the olive branch and invest in Bayern's arms. Today, Guardiola with Bayern contract will expire at the end of the season, as Chelsea long-term tracking of the target, Abu once again inviting the Spaniards to join, to replace Jose Mourinho's job.

Meanwhile, the British media exposed material, as Guardiola took over at Stamford Bridge conditions, melon handsome hope to be able to fully acquire the Abu Messi, Barcelona in the year, it is Guardiola's help and guidance, the Macy from a boy culture obscurity into today's superstars.

Guardiola and Messi Guardiola and Messi mentoring mentoring Wife Wife

Coincidentally, the "Sun" as early as a few days ago on the exposed material Massey intends to Premiership battles news, in addition to Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City are hoping to attract the stars when the world number one, the three clubs have with Mei West unofficial team were contacted, and only one of them giants last week contacted the two with Messi's team. In this way, which adds to Guardiola and Lionel Messi which former Barcelona apprentice, the possibility of reunion in the Premiership.

The news from "The Independent", said Guardiola to Chelsea at present is still not tempted, after all, after the contract expires in 2016 and Bayern Munich in the summer, they have been invited to more than Chelsea and that a copy of an old friend txiki also Manchester City has invited representatives of its White Ittihad. The "Daily Mail" claimed that Guardiola has told his team, if you leave Bayern, he hopes his next stop is the Premier League. The newspaper said the melon handsome prefer to live in London, which gave Chelsea beat Manchester City's final hope.

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