Enrique: how many games I have received suspended for refusing to speak of persecution if Barcelona

Barcelona against the Biliyanuo text plug pre-match press conference, the topic is still the focus of Enrique Javier Mascherano red card.

The last round of matches with Ewald, Mascherano was sent off because of burst foul language, Enrique said: "I have to communicate with Mascherano, I had nothing to say on this player's demeanor behavior. improved. We take a look at what he will be punished. I will accept it. I will not make any comment, then it will not. "

About Douglas, Brazilians spent 420 days in Barcelona, ​​played a total of six times, the first two games off the bench four times, Enrique said:. "He was part of the team, I decide who match"

Fans more angry than ever? Enrique said: "I can not measure how angry the outside world, I focused on tomorrow's game I can not say whether there is a sense of tension, you need to conduct a survey, I do not know."

Messi not selected Argentina, Enrique said:. "I have talked to such topics related to Barcelona, ​​Argentina, Martino and Messi, health is the most important thing."

Total reported outside Barcelona lost the ball game ...... Enrique said:. "I did not read that article, I did not hear, you can go to guess what I'm wondering whether you like the team to play the way I We focused on improving Barcelona to win the championship, which is why I want to be the coach of Barcelona. "

Kaputumu Thor with ay? Enrique said: "Kaputumu is a midfielder, a strength of the players, in line with the Barcelona-style players to handle the ball well ay Thor is a winger, I recruit them is to give others. players rest. "

Barcelona persecuted? Enrique said: "I have said 150,000 times, I focus I can control with the change of the things I refuse to participate in such topics.."

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