Soares points out the strongest defender Ramos Messi is the most important person of Barcelona

Recently, the Barcelona striker Soares accept the "World Sports Daily" interview, Ramos revealed that he met the strongest defender.

Suarez said: "He is my toughest defender played against him is very strong, very competitive, has extensive experience So, this is why I am against Real Madrid at the time and made that goal is so. important, this is where one of the reasons. "

Last weekend's league, Suarez hat-trick, comeback win over Ewald, Suarez said this: "I am very pleased to Sunday's goal, because these goals to help the team, while Messi is still sidelined He is our most important player, when he is not in the team, get a win is very important. "

"Leo is now doing very well, he focused on his training program, very satisfied with his recovery. He is also very satisfied with the team's performance, in the case of the absence of his achievements."

Suarez for Barcelona this season, played 14 games, scored a total of 10 goals.

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