Goal hero rhetoric Inter can win the team win a military point of reason

With Medel goal, Inter Milan defeated in their own home enemies of Rome, which is the Medel first goal since joining the Nerazzurri in more than one season. After the win with title rivals Roma match, Medel to Italian media, "Sky Sports" and "slow motion" means Inter have qualified to compete for the Scudetto, and Medel believe that good defense is a key factor to overcome in Rome .

Medel first talking about her own that goal: "I am very pleased to be able to score, and this goal is also to help the team win the final we knew it was an important game, because we're down to win the league. one of the (Inter Milan and Fiorentina with 24 points). "

Roma's game against Inter captain Jordi Ica and did not play, coach Roberto Mancini after the game in an interview that it was a tactical decision, also referred to Ica Jordi Medel could not debut this. "I feel for Inter fans and my teammates happy, Ica Ronaldinho did not play? Inter Milan squad there are many strong players, it is important that the team rather than personal gains and losses."

When asked whether this season, Inter won the Serie A championship, Medel firm said "YES". Medel replied:?. "Scudetto Yes, I think we are a great team, we can go fight for Serie A champions Inter Milan, I believe you can win the Scudetto, but we need to win every game down to earth game. "

Rome before the tenth games scored 25 goals, so called terror attack data. But the game was at the Giuseppe Meazza, Inter Milan 0 rivals, except the goalkeeper Handanovic's wonderful play, Inter's defense has looked very targeted. Italian media said most Houmeideer good defense is the key to winning: "In Rome game our defense has done very well, we controlled the players like Salah and Gervinho, thanks Changyouyoudou and Danbu Rocio efforts. "

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