Manchester City under the original capital! Strong digging demon god Manchester United 2 1 Gangster pro advise the Wizards to join

Two weeks ago the Manchester derby, Manchester United mustering the effort failed to take all three points at home, the face of the lack of Aguero and Silva two core of the Blue Moon Army, Van Gaal's team got the upper hand no points , you can only gain a boring flat result. Today, however, got it together, children have begun to Manchester City a strong counter-attack, though half of the season at home against Manchester United and some old, but in another battle, Manchester City has already begun to exert a.

News from the "People Daily" revealed that Manchester City Manchester United executives began a strong internal poaching, it was revealed that this time Manchester menacing, they are eyeing Manchester United has just been promoted Marshal Van Gaal exceptional teenager Callum - Georgia in the Philippines, about to turn 17 years old on the 10th model talented Manchester United youth academy players are born of yet another outstanding works, the England coach Manchester United teenager unanimously identified as gifted higher than the year Bo Geba and Morrison and it has been dubbed the "English version Zidane" in the title.

In fact as early as July this year, Manchester City will try to poach the talented attacking midfielder from Manchester United left foot type, but in the end, including Manchester United's Ryan Giggs, including more than a coach to convince Gribbin, who at the age of 16-year-old attacking midfielder and Manchester United signed a four-year contract. Today, Manchester City comeback, natural to spend a higher price, "People Daily" said, in addition to the transfer fee, this time under the original capital of Manchester City, even as Gribbin out of the 110,000 pounds of weekly price, this digital, is the first-line adult look Manchester City team, also belong to the middle of the level, if we look at the Premier League, the salary is probably higher than most of the Premiership players, Manchester City for a 16 year old teenager out of such a high price people feeling Tyrant world really understand.
Potential unlimited potential Gentile Gentile Mansfield Mansfield Unlimited

Although the overall strength of the Premier League's top, but now this Manchester City is a "lethargic", the average age of the whole Premiership maximum, which makes the top of Blue Moon had to pay close attention to the introduction of some fresh blood, the news from the "Daily Star" revealed Manchester City eyeing FM magician, played for Anderlecht star Gentile Mansfield.

Only 18-year-old Belgian midfielder Gentile Mansfield is the rise of a new European football super star, height 1 meter 76, he qualified for the position in the avant-garde and the attacking midfielder, so far this season has to Anderlecht Hutt club played 17 games and scored four goals. In Belgium GuoZiHao echelon levels, Gentile Mansfield also has had a record 23 appearances and scored 14 goals. It is worth mentioning that, in FM2015 this generation, Gentile Mansfield is the only potential value reaches -10 magician, we can say, the Belgian teenager has been unanimously optimistic about the outside world.

"Daily Star" said the Manchester City and Manchester United and now these two Premiership giants have an invitation to the Gentile Mansfield, Manchester United put forward is the buyout after Gentile Mansfield advance return leased Andrew Lech Special continue potency, play another game in Belgium last one or two years and then the Premier League. Manchester City side is already dispatched within Kompany and, the two Belgian national team's big brother to persuade Gentile joined Mansfield, after all, with two one after the two Belgian national team core support, Gentile Mansfield future will be magnanimous in the Belgian national team stardom lot.

Meanwhile, the "Daily Star" revealed that Manchester City's "City Group" strategic plan the next step will be to expand the Brazilian market, after New York City, Major League of the United States, Al Ittihad's eyes focused on the top of the layout to the Brazilian stadium, the newspaper said, Manchester City will Pakistan A League giants Corinthians incorporated as a satellite club, after the common development go hand in hand. On the other hand, Manchester City also eyeing a mere 15-year-old talented team of Victor - Mora, he had just received a 10-day trial with Manchester City raised.

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