View: Why Manchester United have the opportunity to buy Thomas - Mueller

Manchester United want to sign Bayern Munich star Muller, it is well known thing. However, United's poaching operations was firmly resist Bayern, many people think, the Red Devils would be difficult to sign Muller. But in "Football tribe" expert Lee - Price's opinion, Manchester United still have a chance to buy the Thomas - Muller.

The following is Lee - Price's column Excerpt:

Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich this summer home, which gave rise to a great shock, but also caused no small controversy. Although the deal is fair, it is possible for Bayern is obviously very difficult to say no, until now, this transfer controversy continues. Not only that, more and more people worry, Thomas - Mueller will follow the pace of his team captain, Manchester United went attractive, although many people are refute this.

We all know that Van Gaal in the summer has presented a £ 75 million offer, he hopes to sign Manchester United can take Muller. But at that time, Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has denounced the efforts of Manchester United is "wasted effort." He said at the time: "We never thought to sell Thomas - Mueller I told my colleagues at Manchester United: 'Do not give me a buy-mail, and do not need to give me anything in the' 'This is the time two teams fight.

But then hard-line stance, will slowly melt in the Premier League amazing wealth before, you know, from the beginning of next year in the summer, a total of up to £ 5.14 billion television contract will come into force. While the Bundesliga heavyweights Bayern are also trying to keep pace with the Premier League, they include the United States market, but also gain a lucrative contract in the world, but there is a great distance away from Manchester United. The truth is that Manchester United at the end of the season can easily reply Rummenigge: "We are doubling the price, how?" In this case will give Bayern bring real trouble - they could not refuse to go.

Bundesliga Premier League has now become a complementary player's talent base, and this trend is much worse. This summer, to 55 million pounds prices, forced to join Manchester City from Wolfsburg. Phil Camino places the price of 29 million pounds, was lured away to Liverpool from Hoffenheim. The Son Heung-Min, Tottenham with 22 million pounds were poached from the Bundesliga. Even Watford, Leicester City and Stoke City and other teams, but also dug from the Bundesliga. Bundesliga certainly will not be the Premiership's talent base and happy, even Bayern can not escape this threat.

Today, for Bayern, Manchester United can not just dig Muller so simple, their coach Pep Guardiola is also likely to leave the Allianz Arena to join the Premiership giants. Manchester City and Chelsea are hoping to get Guardiola. And melon handsome himself, seems to have the intention to leave Bayern. Bayern had also plans - Klopp, now, the former coach has become more special Premiership giants Liverpool coach. Indeed, he also wants Liverpool reported a bold price, go poaching Lewandowski. It is inconceivable that the transfer case initially, but now you must realize that the Premier League club have the ability to give "unimaginable price".

Bayern now more attractive with the athletic rather than economically attractive. Manchester United, Muller wages can double, even Muller himself, he also openly admitted that the Premiership is very attractive salary. If Muller move to Manchester United really happened, it would be groundbreaking. Bayern's position may also be re-evaluated. But really, for the whole of German football is concerned, the situation this summer, have been rewritten.

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