God Bayern data hiding a super ace melon handsome hand-picked: I just want him

In the 5-1 victory over Arsenal, Levante, Arjen Robben and Muller both scored goals. Bayern team but they are not the brightest, but the Spanish midfielder Tiago. If Bayern like an orchestra playing a wonderful song, so Tiago is no doubt that the command of the Allianz Arena tonight. Many people on social media, with a flawless performance Tiago directed a show.

Tiago Tiago assists to Levante Levante to assist
Tiago pass the most exciting of course is to give Lewandowski assists, pass the time the two men ran to grasp called wonderful, Spain midfielder sent the ball is also very accurate. Bayern controlled the ball facing each other intensive defense, what is most needed? While the ball is ruled manufacturing sudden threat, which is the most wanted Guardiola at Bayern reached the offensive effect. Douglas - Costa and Robben explosion is a sudden breakthrough manufactured threat, but also a way to pass Tiago. It is with the help of this Tiago led Bayern to break the deadlock, then as melon handsome said: "The game becomes easier." The game against Bremen, Tiago is a wonderful surprise pass to help Muller scored the game's only goal.

Tiago completed five steals in this field (green) Tiago completed five steals in this field (green)
Prior to the game, "Kicker" analysis Bayern's starting lineup may think the only suspense is in midfield or select Tiago Vidal and Alonso composition partner. Factual evidence Mingdiyage very prominent role in the field, he came short distance overheads are an effective means of Bayern tear the opponent defense. More surprising is Tiago role in the defensive end is not inferior to good to be able to fight rushing Vidal said: most of the audience than 125 passes and four threat to the ball game except Tiago , but there are still five steals and five interceptions, Ozil, Sanchez and Giroux have been he steals. After the game scores, many media have named him the best player in the game.

Most of the field five times each passing combination, Tiago are involved in this field up to five times each passing combination, Tiago are involved

Guardiola praised after the game for Tiago added:. "He is a great player and a great person, he is very eye-catching performance in an important game, though there are a lot to learn." In fact, melon handsome to 2013 When to Bayern, Tiago is his introduction of the players named. Was melon handsome with the club to introduce Tiago explained why, and said:. "He is my only want to introduce the players, either him or who do not sign, we need him qualities" once before Tiago plagued by injuries, after a long recovery, he now also maintained a very good state. This season Bayern spent 37 million euros to introduce Juventus midfielder Vidal, but Tiago position remains very solid in midfield. Perhaps just as Goal.com's previous column said, there Tiago Bayern, Bayern real Guardiola style.

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