Milan derby kicked! AC Milan, Inter did the war in Europe can not be idle, right

This season's Milan derby come again! But this is not the league's second round of the Milan derby, but a new friendly derby, AC Milan, Inter Milan will be a small cup with Barry in their home Stadio San Nicola, time is November 24.

International Champions League AC Milan Mexes fairy ball to help Inter win the Champions League Mexes fairy international help AC Milan win the ball Inter
Mexes Mexes Fairy Fairy
Like "Italian football," he said, "As AC Milan and Inter Milan these two teams this season, no war in Europe to play, they need to fill their time to arrange friendlies point point." This season, the two teams played against available it is a lot, in addition to the league has played a derby, there this summer in China's international Champions League and Berlusconi Cup has just ended.

Inter Milan win the league, Inter Milan win the league scoring forest melon, melon forest goals
Melon Lin's goal to help AC Milan Inter Milan scored melon Lin scored goals to help Inter Milan AC Milan
Where international champions AC Milan beat Inter Milan 1-0, the League and Berlusconi Cup is Inter Milan 1-0 win.

Inter Milan Berlusconi Cup trophy, scoring the Cup Inter Hole Shakespeare Berlusconi trophy, scoring the hole more Shakespeare

Now the two teams has officially announced a mini-tournament will be conducted on November 24, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Bari plus a total of three teams to participate in the specific competition system with the traditional triangular tournament in Italy is very similar to TIM, three team fight each other, play three 45-minute mini-game, the final to see who can win the final championship.

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