PK Manchester United Barcelona buy German foot gates to grab a favorite Real Madrid 5 ten million wing

Manchester United games this season after injuries, Luke - Shaw and Phil - Jones have been afflicted by injuries. Meanwhile, the Red Devils also appeared frontcourt convergence personnel aging, fluency greatly diminished. Today, Van Gaal seems finally decided to introduce a large number of new blood to improve team status quo. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that, in the last summer window after the introduction of the failure of Valencia defender Mustafi, Manchester United re-ignite interest in the German defender, while they also sent a scout to closely monitor Valencia Two other generals in West Asia.

Only 23 years old Mustafi height of 1 meter 85, is already the Valencia defender this season, he has played in Valencia on behalf of 14 games, he had a goal and contribute. Brazil World Cup campaign last year, but also on behalf of the German national team have played well. This time, Van Gaal attempted to introduce the name of gates, no doubt, is to increase the hardness and dimensional sense current Manchester United defense line, and now Manchester United defender played a relatively stable position only - Phil Jones and Smalling both in the Philippines Seoul - Jones injured, the body weak Blinder repeatedly been top halfback position, which stretched to Manchester United's defense in the face of a strong center bombing.

However, just Mustafi contract with Valencia until the summer of 2019, and his new contract has an up to 50 million euros of the surrender terms, this means that Manchester United want to win, he is bound to spend a lot of money, according to "Mirror" estimate, at least to the United Mustafi punched transfer fee of 30.8 million euros to the German defender to take home. However, for Mustafi interested not only a club of Manchester United, "the daily sports newspaper" had claimed Barcelona in the winter window as he tried to open a 30 million euros more than the price, the German international back to Camp Nou . As a result, Van Gaal to introduce Mustafi, bound to keep the Catalan giants Bai Bai wrist.

Gaia is the new generation of stars flying wing Spain Spain Gaia is the new generation of star winger
At the same time, Mustafi two teammates in Valencia, Spain super star Jose - Luis - Gaia and Portugal striker Andre - Gomez also received the attention of Manchester United. Gaia is a new generation of players in Spain's most prominent member, only 20 years old he had last season in Valencia on stage 35 times, firmly secured the main position bat Army. Taking into account - Luke Shaw leg injuries, need a year to be able to return to the game, even back then, I am afraid it is difficult to restore to a previous state hot, while Rojo and Van Gaal has not been the trust, therefore, introduce the name of genius flying wing for Manchester United described significance.

Today, however, has played in European football Gaia fame, he had already received widespread attention giants, according to "Marca" and "Aspen" revealed that in April this year, Real Madrid has tried to directly Gaia who spent 18 million euros in liquidated damages brought him to the Bernabeu, but less than a month, Valencia top immediately with his contract until 2020, and the liquidated damages increased to 50 million euros, only keep the backcourt star. Today, Manchester United again want to introduce him, it is bound to have some hard work and pay a huge price.

Andrea - Gomez bats military frontcourt star Andre - Gomez bats military frontcourt star

Portuguese 22-year-old talented striker Andre - Gomez functional attacking midfielder, in his 14 years on loan from Benfica to Valencia, in June this year by the military to bat with 15 million euros buyout. Last year, he scored four goals in 33 appearances in La Liga. This season, Van Gaal Manchester United attacking midfielder position candidate has not made up his mind, the introduction of the Portuguese prodigy benefit increase choice frontcourt. However, "the daily sports newspaper," said the Barcelona sports director Robert - Fernandes already begun to pay close attention Andrea - Gomez up.

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