Giants: love Mourinho Inter goal in the Champions League but I want Mancini

After defeating Inter Milan to Rome, Florence and top with the same score, very promising impact Serie A champions this season, but the main Xituoxier statement said the team goal is still the league the first three, and he responded to the rumors about the team coach that Mancini could not return to Chelsea, but Mourinho will not be re-executed in a short time since the Inter pointer.

In an interview with "Turin Sports Daily" interview Indonesian businessman talk about the winter transfer window: "Mancini coach did not ask me to increase four new signings, the winter transfer period is very exciting but also very dangerous to the time may be. There are several players leaving the team, and there are a few signings, but the team is still great. Ica Jordi is our captain, Inter have very different without him was two teams. "

Earlier media reports Mancini willingness to return to the Premier League, Chelsea under Mourinho led the situation is not ideal situation is considered Mancini, but 托希尔 denied the possibility to leave Mancini: "Chelsea is That you should not want him to ask himself I do not know him in the next 10 - 10?. Is not 15 years will always stay here, but we and his contract there 2--3 years, I think he is not the kind team of people to give up halfway breach of contract. "

Mourinho at Chelsea flies unhappy, there are rumors that he would choose to return to the Nerazzurri, Tuoxi Er also believes it is impossible in a short time: "Mourinho is a great coach, he created Inter's history, but we have never had contact with him, of course, he is likely to become the next coach of Inter, Mancini can now add random guess is wrong. I know that he often talked about Mourinho love for Inter, but I have full confidence for Mancini, he will work with us to complete a common goal, I hope he can be a part of the history of Inter. "

Turning this season, Inter's goal, Tuoxi Er said that they would do what it takes to return to the Champions League: "We have a 4--5-year long-term plan, but the most important is the return to the Champions League, and we will not count everything price. As for the league, we have more than twenty rounds of games to go. foreign aid too? You have to have the strongest team. Moratti wants to sell stake? He is entitled to express, but that does not mean he really It will sell. "

After the victory over Roma, Inter fans to see the hope of the title race this season, but the chairman has repeatedly emphasized that their standard is only third in the league: "The results are very satisfying game in Rome, it was a difficult game, but we The main objective remains third in the league. I do not agree with those who criticize we played ugly sound, our team is very united, and do not forget the beginning stages we have been in the top position. "

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