Bad! Real Madrid said in unison after the game played foul Benitez: We are out of control

Real Madrid lost away to Sevilla, suffered their first defeat of the season, Benitez at the press conference after the game, analyze why Real Madrid defeat.

Benitez said: "We lost control looks like we controlled the game, in fact, is not our mistake led opponents to grow, we present should be able to end the game early, but failed to achieve the first 30 minutes we played well,... quite a prize, after opponents into the ball. opponents controlled the game and we can not cope with the race, we made a mistake, to Sevilla sent a gift. "

About the upcoming national derby, Benitez said: "We have time to recover it will be a different game, and I hope the team through this loss, can cheer up.."

J Lo on the bench, Benitez said: "In the last moment, J Lo's performance is very good, but his lack of match fitness, and therefore can not be more than 30 minutes playing time he needs to continue its efforts to return to the top level.."

Benitez Ramos talked about the injury, "I do not think Ramos injuries affect the game, because there was a lot of playing time. Guevara inside doing well, but too early substitutions affected us. "

Real Madrid captain Ramos in an interview after the game, Real Madrid played very poor showing, "anyone can analyze the game, in fact, we played very well, the score shows that in this difficult stadium, against This strong opponent, it can decide the league champion. We lost crucial points. "

J Lo also said that Real Madrid played badly, "We did not play well, Sevilla give us put a lot of pressure. Clasico will be a great, very interesting game .C Romania? When we win together we cheer when we lose, we undertake together. "

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