Robben: still reluctant to believe we have missed the European Cup back to the Netherlands team behind one God

In this weekend's national team, the Dutch team and Wales warm-up match. Other European teams will also be the European Cup warm-up to prepare for next year, but the Oranje have missed the race. Bayern Munich star Robben says it is too difficult to accept, also said he would fight for the country to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

"Before I never thought about the possibility of not participating in the European Cup in 2016, so when it finally became a reality when I was very difficult to accept," Robben said in an interview, said, "even to the end of the European Cup, I still . will think this is untrue, is really too bad, "the Bayern players said they would continue to campaign for the country:" miss the 2016 European Cup affects the status of each person, including me, because it would have been likely to be my last big tournament. But I believe we can medal in 2018 World Cup - if the impact of failure, I will quit the national team. "

Netherlands squad among the latest issue, Van Persie was not selected. But Robben the Dutch media, said: "I want to see Van Persie return simply do not discuss this issue he is a good offensive player, the Dutch team scored 50 goals, is the top scorer in franchise history?. When he was healthy, there is no doubt there is a positive impact on the team, why we should question him, "Are return for Van Persie, Robben admits it depends on the coach old Blinder, but" Peter Pan ", said:"? If I want to comment on this matter, I will be filed within the team. I do not give Robin (van Persie) call, but I did send him a text message. "

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