Too hard for! Injured Real Madrid team spirit postpone surgery must also play Barcelona

In order to participate in the national derby, Real Madrid captain Ramos fight it! Although the shoulder injury is serious, Ramos now has ruled out the possibility of surgery, he would in the case of receiving conservative treatment, wounding participate in the game against Barcelona, ​​after then consider surgery. Ramos professionalism also won the acclaim of the fans.

"Marca" reported that Ramos do everything possible to avoid surgery. On Tuesday, Real Madrid defender at the doctor accompanied to Madrid Shengnitasi hospital for an MRI. Check Houlamosi decided temporarily not to undergo surgery. Ramos idea is to continue to receive conservative treatment, in order to restore the site of a shoulder injury, it is best not to accept any final surgery.

But Ramos future possibility of undergoing surgery and can not be completely ruled out, at this stage only postpone the surgery to observe the effect of conservative treatment. Real Madrid defender at any cost to participate in the national derby, if necessary, he will play a closed play. Ramos receiving conservative treatment time will be long, now not determined, Ramos hopes to achieve through conservative treatment, to avoid the effect on the operating table.

October 7, "Marca" had reported that Real Madrid captain being suffering injuries, and this old wounds will bring him many problems. Unfortunately, Ramos has now become serious injuries, shoulder injuries on his body caused great limitations.

In the away game against Sevilla, Ramos injured again, this time picking up an injury in Real Madrid internal sounded the alarm. This is the third time the injury was sustained Ramos, but the injury is serious, he can not even after playing the game. For Sevilla Ramos made a goal, his barbed shot is very beautiful, but it is also brave when shot, keep him away from the fight, and now he faces an important decision, a decision that will be left over most of the race season affected.

Medical professionals pointed out that the players shoulder injuries are very common among the players hit each other, the players fell to the ground will cause a shoulder ligament injury, which is very painful injuries. Shoulder injuries are generally the first conservative treatment, but as long as three months time, the player will feel discomfort. And if it continues to carry out intense exercise, it is also likely to exacerbate the injury. If you can not recover for a long time, players will have the psychological shadow. National Derby, Ramos hit a great possibility to play closed after the game that he would undergo surgery, expected time and his absence will be up to 2-3 months.

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