Football bizarre introduction of new regulations! Americans ordered: Heading count Foul!

United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer) announced that with immediate effect, 13 years old soccer game, the players were headed allowed! Among them, 10 years of age can not even training are headed, and 11 to 13 years age group, but also on the training exercise to limit the number of header.

Currently, the new rules apply only to the United States national team teenager, American youth soccer training system and the United States major league clubs youth team. USA FIFA admitted that they have no authority to force all clubs follow this rule, but it will put pressure on the other party strictly enforced.

New rules of the new regulatory Americans Americans
FIFA spokesman for American, said: "Based on this provision of the medical committee of the American Football Association, despite having advisory in nature, but the stringent requirements of the provisions of the American Football Confederation will be executed."

This bizarre new regulations, together with the lawsuit from California last year, the United States Soccer Federation as defendants, requested to focus on youth football game concussion, this lawsuit in the United States caused a sensation football final on Monday lawsuit settled, the same day, the United States announced a new UEFA regulations.

Leading this litigation lawyer Steve - Berman said:. "This is a great victory for the new regulations will affect the United States hundreds of millions of soccer players," According to statistics, in 2010, the American high school football game there have been 50,000 incidents from the concussion, we are more than the sum of baseball, basketball, softball and wrestling and other similar game.

However, how to implement the new regulations, there are still some questions. If in a game, players use a small header, how to punish him, but also need to develop appropriate rules.

Such new rules football in the United States raised concerns, because it means that US players at a young age may no longer accept headed training, which may have an impact on their future career.

In addition, another new regulations this lawsuit was initiated in the United States soccer game, if a player because of suspected concussion and was asked to leave the referee to check, you can not take the team's substitutions.

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