Arsenal striker Hao grab Germany

This season, Arsenal have been surging in the league, but a wave of sudden tide of injuries gunmen blocked the upward trend, Canzhen arsenal was Bayern's first massacre, but also into a bitter struggle at home against Tottenham. According to German media reports, Wenger finally decided to buy new signings to reinforce the existing lineup.

News from the German "Bild", said Wenger took a fancy to the Bundesliga two generals. His first goal is to Leverkusen wing Bei Lala ratio. Germany winger 贝拉拉 than 25 years old, known for its speed, this season he scored four goals in 20 pharmaceutical companies in the game and sent out four assists. In October last year after he was first elected to the German national team, the German striker's position firmly secured. Currently, the Arsenal striker Theo Walcott and Giroux only two candidates, after Walcott injured, Wenger can only top striker Giroux, which makes Arsenal striker in the need for speed to play defensive back when stretched. Introduction Bei Lala ratio is bound to enrich the Arsenal striker's choice.

Bei Lala ratio than Germany is German international striker Bei Lala
The 27 year old German defender Heweidesi height of 1 meter 87, the Schalke defender and captain 04. The effectiveness of Schalke 04's eight and a half seasons, he played 204 times for Schalke 04 and scored nine goals. In the 14 years of World Cup, Loew was born defender temporarily enable him to play left-back position, and he sits left the German team played every minute of seven games, helping the team successfully won the World Cup. Taking into account Koscielny and Mertesacker often injured, he can give hardness and depth of the Arsenal defense provided more valuable. According to the "Bild", he said he also wanted to pursue the development of the English Premier League. It is worth mentioning that, due to the Heweidesi and Schalke 04's contract includes a possible end of the season in his € 10 million buyout clause, Arsenal want to introduce him does not need to pay too much transfer fee.

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