Benitez Real Data bad! Compared to the same period Mussina Ancelotti was thrown Street

Real Madrid this season has been from people like football, the team performance is good, Benitez also scores as an excuse, but now, the results can not be his excuse. Spanish "Marca" on Wednesday published an article that Real Madrid current data has been sounding the alarm, in fact, Benitez's achievement is one of the worst performance since the 2008-09 season, Real Madrid, only than Mourinho Good third season Real Madrid.

La Liga is currently carried out 11, Real Madrid scored 24 points, according to the current scoring rate down, Real Madrid this season can only get 83 points, it will be Real Madrid since the 2008-09 season, the lowest score. In other words, since again as Real Madrid president Florentino, never coach in a season take such a low score.

Now the results are not equal to the final result, however, can also provide a reference: If Real Madrid 11 can only get 24 points, that 38 can only take 83 minutes. Real Madrid first score lower than 83 points also dates back to before the return of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. The beginning of the season, Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster is, finally, Juan, the end of the season, Real Madrid only got 78 minutes, you can get scores also less than 5 minutes Benitez expected.

Benitez possible 83 points, a lot less than last season Ancelotti got 92 points, got 96 points and Mourinho's record of 100 points is much less a. Mourinho's team is the only recent seven seasons to get over the Spanish champion team. In addition, since the 2006-07 season with 76 points to win Capello, Spanish champions never scored fewer than 83 points.

11 leagues, almost one-third of the La Liga season schedule, the schedule length can already be used to make a comparison. The comparison of the data shows that Benitez's team after Florentino restoration, one of the worst teams score the same period. Only one team score than the current Real Madrid difference that Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho's team third season. That season, Real Madrid in the league after four level one game, losing two games, quickly distanced themselves from Barcelona. But that, after a disastrous start, Real Madrid in the league after 11 also got 23 points, including the national derby draw at the Nou Camp made 2 to 2. That is, only one point less than it is now.

Ancelotti's first season at Real Madrid nothing can beat a blow, but he got 25 points, more than Benitez get 1 point. Coached Real Madrid last season, Carlo Ancelotti got 27 points over the same period, or the Spanish leader. Controversial Pellegrini scored 28 points over the same period, it is the Spanish leader. The best data is at Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho's first season created, he got 29 points, two draws and one defeat. Get hit record points over the same period is 28 points, Real Madrid.

In terms of goals, Benitez's team can not host their lead in any chart, whether scoring or clean sheet aspects are true. In terms of goals, Real Madrid's 26 goals since the same period of the last seven seasons the worst. Mourinho hit points record of that team, has scored 39 goals over the same period, more than the current Real Madrid 13 goals, and ultimately scored 110 goals. Carlo Ancelotti's team and last season scored 42 goals over the same period, averaging 3.8 goals, than the current Real Madrid averaging more than 1.5 goals.

And the current Real Madrid is not to lose the ball least 2009, of course, the defense is not bad data. In losing three goals against Sevilla after Real Madrid this season, lost 7 goals, averaging 0.63 goals, tied with the 2011-12 season, Real Madrid, as Jose Mourinho's first season at Real Madrid, when Real Madrid lost only 5 goals, averaging only 0.45 clean sheet.

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